CURRIES Achieves Higher STC Ratings



CURRIES® engineers have developed acoustical assemblies to achieve STC 50, 52, and 54 operable ratings by utilizing light weight sound absorbing techniques, using the latest revolutionary technology, and patented designs. The Quiet Noise Door System is the Noise Solution for any facility, including airports, healthcare, hospitality, government/military, and municipal buildings, as well as educational institutions.

All CURRIES Quiet Noise Doors are competitively priced and manufactured in 4-6 weeks. The Quiet Noise doors include the required seals, thresholds, and door bottoms with a certified label applied to the door. The CURRIES STC 50-54 doors are 30% lighter than most sound doors of equal STC rating in the industry allowing standard weight hinges to be used. All of the products have been successfully tested to the required ASTM standards, including ASTM E90, ASTM E1332-90, and ASTM E413. The Quiet Noise STC 50-54 doors are in addition to our existing STC 32-46 offering.

All CURRIES Quiet Noise doors are manufactured in compliance with SDI 128 and HMMA 865-03 specifications.

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