CURRIES Takes Big Steps Towards a Greener Future



CURRIES® is dedicated to the environment. That is why we have created the Green Council, a diverse group of employees with one goal in mind... to make CURRIES more eco-friendly.

A lot of activity has occurred so far this year focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency. A number of lighting and HVAC projects along with advanced maintenance steps have been taken in the past few months.

Here are just of few of the resent implementations with many more to come:

1. Lighting Retrofits and Replacements - Old T12 style fluorescents, high-intensity discharge fixtures, and other outdated lights were removed, and new energy-efficient T8 fluorescent fixtures installed. In addition, occupancy sensors were incorporated into fixtures. The sensors ensure the highest energy efficiency for the fixtures, by shutting off when no one is present. Dataloggers intalled have already shown over a 93% reduction in electricity usage within certain areas.

2. Sustainable Maintenance - Restroom remodels incorporated sustainable ideas at both CURRIES manufacturing facilities. An epoxy floor coating with a lifetime warranty was installed on the floors. This coating is both attractive and durable, and should never require a recoat, saving time and materials in future years.

3. Air Curtains -  The CURRIES frame plant installed air curtains to reduce the cold air infiltration when the large overhead door is opened to bring in pallets and other goods. A similar unit is being planned for the CURRIES door plant this fall to accomplish the same result.