Trio-E is now available



Approximately 40% of all energy leakage comes from the building envelope* this includes exterior doorways. Trio-E doors installed with CURRIES® Thermal Break frames and Pemko Thermal Barrier Saddles help increase thermal retention and reduce energy leakage.

Trio-E is a new patent pending door design that delivers superior insulated values and strength plus, provides aesthetic qualities desired in today’s commercial building applications. The “E” is for energy efficiency and Trio-E has the lowest U-Factor (0.29) for a steel stiffened door in the market today. The U-Factor of 0.29 was achieved in an operable condition (ASTM1363) using the CURRIES Thermal Break Frame and Pemko 273x3AFG Thermal Barrier Saddle. The Trio-E will provide years of strength and sustainable energy savings for any building.

• Steel stiffened core for added strength and durability
• Less thermal bow than conventional steel stiffened doors
• No vertical weld marks on door face sheets so aesthetically pleasing gloss paint can be applied
• Many door designs and color options available
Green/Energy Efficient
• Injected polyurethane foam for superior insulation and energy efficiency
• Lowest U-Factor in the industry for a steel stiffened door

*Tony Woods, Air Tight Buildings, 2005

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