2012 Estimating School Another Success



CURRIES® hosted the 2012 Estimating School Training Class on April 30-May 2 in Mason City.  In attendance were 23 students representing 16 CURRIES distributors.  The three day training included factory tours of both the door and frame plants.  The classes offered were door and frame tech, pricing, code and labeling, programs, services, troubleshooting and electronic tools.  The graduation dinner was held at the world famous Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, IA

The 2012 CURRIES Estimating School graduating class:

Cassandra Spangler  Allegany Door & Hardware, Inc. 
Craig Patava   Doors Inc 
Tony Evanko   Enterprise Door & Supply Co
Brent Cary   Hollow Metal Door Co. 
Darren Cary   Hollow Metal Door Co. 
Thomas Thompson  Kelley Brothers 
Samantha Webster  Kelley Brothers  
Curry Douglass   Locknet 
Ian Greene   Locknet 
Chris Royalty   Locknet 
Stephen Burgstiner  McCarthy, Inc 
Rebecca Oglesby  McCarthy, Inc 
Linsey Willis   McCarthy, Inc 
Johnny McDonald Jr  MMD Wholesale
Brandon Jackson  Murray Womble
Shane Sullivan   North Central Supply, Inc
Dee Terrell   North Central Supply, Inc 
Geno McGhee   PC Hardware 
Lynda Moore   Pleasants Hardware       
Jeff Johnson   Schuham Builders Supply Co  
Bill Singer   Schuham Builders Supply Co      
Ted Stieber   Trim Tech Industries     
Howard Burg   Wellgus & Sons    
The next CURRIES Estimating School will be held in the spring of 2013 in Mason City.  Details on the school will be available early next year.