Jeff Schroeder: A winner through Leadership. Camaraderie and Respect.

Jeff Schroeder, the Lead in the Fabrication Shop for Curries in Mason City, Iowa, and a winner of the Americas division’s People Making a Difference Award, personifies hard work, camaraderie and leadership.


Jeff’s daily responsibilities include overseeing the daily operations of the fabrication shop, maintaining the tracking sheets, and ensuring that he consistently meets the demands of the customers. He also helps out in the frame shop, flipping frames, moving materials and making sure orders for the day are turned around.

Jeff, who enjoys hunting, fishing and camping, says of his small town, “If you ever need help there is always someone there for you. This is a rural setting with a lot of farmers and nice people; it’s a great place to live.” This small town camaraderie for Jeff, is certainly something he brings into the workplace. “Jeff is what I call a Working Supervisor.” Steven Thompson a Curries Frame Processor says, “When he isn’t busy with his tasks you will find him helping other employees. Whenever there is a deadline, he always assists workers to meet it.”

Jeff is proud of his work-based achievements, including being selected to help set up a Door Group Service Center in Pennsylvania. He is also proud of his colleagues and is known for being respectful supportive and charismatic. Jay Hain, Frames profit manager comments, “By treating employees with respect, Jeff models behavior that is conducive to reciprocal actions. Jeff is a reflective listener and often requests the input of the workforce to improve products and procedures.”

As for Jeff’s simple advice to co-workers: “Respect your co-worker, do not be afraid of change and set your goals high.” This is advice Jeff certainly follows and Door Group President Larry Denbrock concurs. “There’s room for more people like Jeff in the Door Group.”