CURRIES Receives Blue Zones Worksite Designation

MASON CITY — Curries has become the 27th Mason City company to achieve the Blue Zones Worksite designation, officials with the Blue Zones Project Mason City announced Tuesday. Curries achieved the designation after completing the necessary items in the Blue Zones Project worksite pledge, including successfully registering more than 25 percent of its employees to pledge and take action on

To become a certified Blue Zones Community, Mason City must designate a minimum of 10 of its top 20 worksites to become certified Blue Zones Communities. Curries is the 11th of the top 20 worksites to become designated. Mason City must also achieve Blue Zones Worksite certification for at least 25 percent of its independently or locally owned restaurants, 25 percent of its grocery stores and 25 percent of public schools.

Jerry Currie, president and CEO of Curries, said, “Curries is pleased to be designated a Blue Zones Worksite. Helping our employees make good lifestyle choices and creating a healthier work environment benefits everyone.” The Blue Zones Project is a community-by-community well-being improvement initiative designed to make healthy choices easier through permanent changes to environment, policy and social networks.