When it comes to being environmentally friendly, building owners, architects, and designers measure themselves by using the LEED Certification System.

When the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) introduced LEED in 1998, it gave the building industry a way to truly measure their efforts with the design and construction of green buildings.  Steel is the most common recycled material in the United States. Hollow Metal doors and frames are a great fit to the green building movement.  Every CURRIES® door and frame contains steel made with recycled material.  Whether it was the old “jalopy” you drove in high school, or the home appliance you just replaced last week, the steel that CURRIES uses in manufacturing doors and frames helps in the reusing of this old scrap iron.  The purpose of recycling is to divert scrap from our landfills back to a usable product.  Recycling helps ease the demand for harvesting and mining of raw materials.  Recycling is one of the most environmentally friendly practices we can incorporate.        

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Did You know...

  • Recycling tin and steel cans saves between 60-74% of the energy used to produce them from raw materials. 
  • 1 ton of recycled steel saves the energy equivalent of 3.6 barrels of oil, and 1.49 tons of iron ore over the production of new steel.
  • Steel cans were recycled at the rate of 58% in 2007.
  • The amount of steel recovered through recycled packaging in 2007 (nearly 1.5 million tons) would yield enough steel to build 185,000 steel framed homes.
  • In 2007, nearly 2 million tons of steel was recovered from recycled appliances.
  • The steel from the more than 39 million appliances recycled last year yielded enough steel to build about 160 stadiums the size of the new Pittsburgh Steelers stadium.
  • In 2007, there were 26 cars recycled every minute across the U.S.
  • Each year steel recycling saves the energy equivalent to electrically power about 1/5th of the households in the U.S. (or about 18 million homes) for 1 year.
  • Every ton of steel recycled saves 2,500 lbs. of iron ore, 1,400 lbs. of coal and 120 lbs. of limestone.
  • Annually, enough energy is saved by recycling steel to supply Los Angeles with electricity for almost 10 years.