Custom Metal Frames

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Custom Frames

Combinations or modifications of designs shown are available to meet job requirements. Frames are available in cold-rolled steel, galvannealed, or stainless steel. Jamb depths, face dimensions, stop height and return length can vary with the job requirements. Custom frame material can be welded locally by our distributors, thereby eliminating costly delays and damage in shipment. 


Hollow metal frames for all openings shown on the architect's drawings shall be manufactured by CURRIES®, Mason City, Iowa. Frames are to be fabricated of either cold-rolled steel or galvannealed steel (as specified) of either 12, 14, 16, or 18 gauge. Frames are to be thoroughly degreased and cleaned of all imperfections before painting. All frames shall receive a factory baked-on coat of rust inhibitive primer. Frames are to be mortised, reinforced and drilled and tapped for all mortise finish hardware. Frames are to be reinforced only for surface mounted hardware, with drilling and tapping to be done in the field by the installation contractor. Steel plates and mortising boxes are to be welded to all hinge and lock reinforcement.