CURRISeal Frames

Curriseal Frames

CURRISeal is an integrally gasketed, one piece hollow metal door frame. Gaskets installed in the integral kerf significantly reduce air flow between the door and the frame. Assemblies can be fire rated up to 3 hours and have been tested by NFPA 105, UL 1784, ASTM E-283, and UBC 33-5 Test Criteria.


CURRISeal frames shall be as manufactured by CURRIES, Mason City, Iowa. Frames shall have a 1/8" (3) integral kerf formed into the frame soffit to receive a gasket composed of cellular modified foam core clad in an embossed, non-vinyl, paint resistant liner which is UV stabalized. Frames comply with NFPA 105 Smoke and Draft Control Door Assemblies, UL 1784 Air Leakage Test of Door Assemblies, ASTM E-283 Air Infiltration, and UBC 33-5 Air Leakage Test of Door Assemblies; they can be UL listed fire door frames up to and including 3 hour ratings. Frames are to be fabricated of either cold-rolled steel or galvanized steel (as specified) of either 14, 16, or 18 gauge. All joints are to be die-mitered with integral tabs for reinforcement and interlocking of the jambs to the head. Frames shall be knock-down or set-up and welded. Welded frame corners shall be finished to a smooth surface. Frames are to be thoroughly degreased and cleaned of all imperfections before painting. All frames shall receive a factory baked-on coat of rust inhibitive primer. Frames are to be mortised, reinforced and drilled and tapped for mortise hardware compatible with the kerf frame profile. Frames are to be reinforced only for surface mounted hardware, with drilling and tapping to be done in the field by others. Metal plaster guards are provided for all mortise cutouts. Minimum requirements for hardware reinforcements are as follows: hinge reinforcing-7 gauge x 1-5/8" (41) x 10" (254), lock strike reinforcing-14 gauge conforming to template requirements, closer reinforcing-12 gauge.