Thermal-Break Steel Frames


CURRIES is pleased to announce a new design for the Thermal Break Hollow Metal Door Frame. The thermal performance is enhanced with the new design and incorporates a gasket to reduce air infiltration at the gap between the door and door frame. The new design also offers more profile types that may be used with the Thermal-Break option.

The new design has been independently tested in an operable condition for thermal performance with the 607, 707, and 747 doors in accordance with ASTM C1363. It was also tested for resistance to air infiltration with these same doors, in accordance with ASTM E283.

In addition to thermal performance, frost and condensation on the interior door frame face are significantly reduced with a thermal break frame. This is accomplished with a true thermally broken frame profile and delivers maximum protection against cold penetration through conduction. Mullions used in hollow metal transom/sidelite and borrowed-lite frames feature the same new thermal-break design.

If you have questions regarding this product and it's potential applicability for your next project, feel free to contact your CURRIES Customer Service Professional.