Factory Pre-Finish

Curries is one of the few manufacturers with the capability to deliver both custom and standard commercial grade factory pre-finished doors and frames.

With a Curries pre-finished product, a building’s project manager has more flexibility to complete the job correctly and on schedule. Factory pre-finishing also eliminates their concerns with on-site painting: jobsite mess, and dirt in the paint, toxic-smelling fumes, disposal of solvents and other painting supplies. The Curries pre-finish is extremely durable and is factory applied in a controlled environment to ensure consistent and high quality results. The beauty of the finish cannot be matched by application of coatings at the job site.

Curries prefinish paint meets ASTM D1308-02 Chemical Resistance Testing for enhanced cleaning.

Please click on the links below to view all 25 Curries standard pre-finish colors together or view the them by vertical market.

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Standard Pre-Finish Colors

The color designers at PPG have selected top color recommendations. CURRIES offers these standard colors to complement the designs used by many architects and end users.