Standard Metal Frames

Masonry / Drywall

Knock-down masonry, drywall and multi-use frames are available from CURRIES® in series, profile, face dimensions, gauges, and door opening sizes to fit most any need in the construction industry today. In addition, CURRIES and its distributors can modify and weld frames to expand the variety of frames available even further.

CCW Frame Components

Frame components used in the building of window walls, borrowed lites, transom frames, sidelites, and other custom configurations are available in an almost limitless array, allowing total design freedom in developing aesthetically pleasing, functional units as required by the demands of today's architecture. CURRIES' continues to excel in this area, providing customers with the best possible selection.

SideLight Installation Made Easy

The CURRIES KD SideLight unit is a drywall sidelight unit that can be assembled and installed at the opening without having to weld the frame pieces together and transport them to various levels of a building. There are no more concerns of fitting the welded frame in the elevator or through doorways of a building. The CURRIES KD SideLight is designed to use common hand tools for installation in a matter of minutes in a rough opening. The complete frame bundle can be carried to the specified opening and installed in a very short time, saving both labor and transportation cost.

For more information about sidelight installation, click here to view our KD installation video.


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