Attack Resistant Opening


Now Fire Rated up to 90 Minutes!

Curries is pleased to partner with School Guard GlassTM to offer an Attack Resistant Door Opening designed to delay access from intrusion.

Using standard Curries doors and frames equipped with School Guard GlassTM SG5TMattack resistant glazing and SARGENT hardware has been tested and certified to withstand a brutal physical attack from an intruder for over 4 minutes. This extra time keeps occupants safe until first responders can neutralize the threat. The combination of Curries Door and School Guard Glass provides easy and affordable retro-fitting to tighten the security of existing openings. 

5-aa10 test standard sets requirements and testing methods to certify forced entry and ballistic systems. These standards are intended for use by schools and other public or private facilities that use commercial grade wood and hollow metal entrance doors, framing, hardware, structures and systems as well as glass and fixed sidelight framing systems.

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Attack Resistant Video