Lead Lined Doors and Frames

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Achieve effective radiation protection with our full line of high quality lead lined doors and frames. These openings accomplish the important task of reliably containing radiation in sensitive areas.

Custom engineering allows aesthetic choices to be combined with technical requirements including wood and stainless steel options.


  • Lead sheets, available in 1/32" to 1/4" thickness, integrated into door and frame for strength and vandal resistance
  • Vertically steel stiffened doors for added strength and durability
  • Standard 1-3/4" thick doors accommodate standard hardware
  • Continuously welded, seamless door edge and lead lined frame
  • Standard 16 gauge steel; 14-18 gauge available
  • Wood doors available with 1/32” - 1/8” lead thicknesses
  • Sound ratings, RF Shielding and Stainless steel options available

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