UltraLight UL-8 Bullet Resistant System


Over 50% lighter than conventional bullet resistant doors!

Utilizing a core made by Amulet Protective Technologies, Inc., our new bullet resistant door is 56% lighter than conventional bullet resistant doors (only 230 lbs vs. 525 lbs for a 3’0” x 7’0” door) and is certified to UL-752 level 4-8 (NIJ level III) standards. The Amulet® Ballistic Barrier core material also has excellent multi-hit and non-ricochet characteristics and can be easily field prepped for hardware.

With a ground-breaking reduction in weight, the Ultra Lightweight UL-8 System makes ballistic barrier protection accessible to environments of all types, including; schools, hospitals, corporate settings, and many others. In addition to new market applications, this door system delivers a lower total cost of ownership since it is compatible with conventional door hardware, provides faster and easier jobsite installation, reduced shipping costs, little to no maintenance because it reduces wear and tear on hardware. All while providing strong, secure ballistic barrier protection for building occupants that is truly ‘state-of-the-art’.