Windstorm - Hurricane Resistant Products


CURRIES Windstorm-Certified products have been tested to the requirements for hurricane-prone and wind-borne debris regions as defined in the International Building Code (IBC) certifed by Florida Building Commission, Dade County, and Intertek agencies. Assemblies are tested for design pressures, impact resistance, glass and glazing materials and specific commercial hardware applications. Locations of these openings on exteriors of buildings plus the location of the buildings determine the benchmark performance required of the opening. Code officials have standardized this data for construction in regions of the country susceptible to violent wind storms in attempts to safeguard the public health, safety and general welfare through requirements for buildings and other structures sited in these hurricane prone areas.

CURRIES door series 607,707, 727, and 747 have achieved various levels of performance listings. The standard full perimeter channel construction on all door series prove its worth throughout this rigorous regimen of physical testing of door and frame assemblies. Flush M Series frames dominate this criteria used in masonry walls to withstand the forces applied to the assemblies. Light steel and wood frame wall construction assemblies are available as well.

Hardware requirements vary with each assembly and the performance level required for a particular openings location in a building.



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