Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

An EPD is a verified document that reports environmental data of products based on life cycle assessment (LCA) and other relevant information and in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025 (Type III Environmental Declarations).

An important aspect of EPD® is to provide the basis of a fair comparison of products and services by its environmental performance. EPDs can reflect the continuous environmental improvement of products and services over time and are able to communicate and add up relevant environmental information along a product's supply chain.

EPD certificates can be found on the Spot.ul.com website or follow the links below.

EPD Documents

  • Acoustical Opening EPD
  • Acoustical Opening Steel Stiffend with Fiberglass Core Door EPD
  • 607 Series Polystyrene Door EPD
  • 707 Series Polyurethane Core Door EPD
  • 707 Series Polystyrene Core Door EPD
  • 707 Series Honeycomb Core Door EPD
  • 727 Series Temperature Rise Door EPD
  • 737 Series Polystyrene Bullet Resistant Level 2 Door EPD
  • 747 Steel Stiffened Door EPD
  • 847 Series Steel Stiffened Fiberglass Core Door EPD
  • 857 Series Steel Stiffened Fiberglass Core Door EPD
  • Attack Resistant Door EPD
  • Blast Resistant Door EPD
  • CURRIStain Stainable Steel Door EPD
  • CURRIStain Polyurethane Core Door EPD
  • CURRIStain Polystyrene Core Door EPD
  • EMI-RFI Shielded EPD
  • Flood Resistant Opening EPD
  • High Definition 1 Panel Embossed Door EPD
  • High Definition 2 Panel Embossed Door EPD
  • High Definition 6 Panel Embossed Door EPD
  • Hollow Metal Frame EPD
  • Lead-Lined Opening EPD
  • Masonry Frame EPD
  • Mercury 2 Adjustable Thermal Break Frame EPD
  • Polyisocyanurate-Polyurethane Core Door EPD
  • StormPro Tornado Assembly EPD
  • StormPro 320 EPD
  • StormPro 361 EPD
  • Trio-E Energy Efficient EPD
  • Water Resistant Opening EPD
  • Windstorm-Hurricane Opening EPD