Health Product Declaration

HPDs Promote Openness in Sustainable Construction

We open doors to events, museums, airports, hotels, homes… in fact, we open doors to life. As the global leader in door opening solutions we are dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience. Thanks to the Health Product Declaration (HPD) initiative, we're opening the doors to product transparency as well. Ceco Door is proud to share its HPD documents.

Green building guidelines and standards are continuously evolving to make buildings more efficient, productive and healthier for the occupants within. This latter sustainability goal--healthier buildings--requires greater scrutiny of the elements that go into a building. As a result, a need has developed for Health Product Declarations (HPDs) that lists the material ingredients for each building product.

HPD Documents

  • 707 Series Door HPD
  • 707 Series Door with Light HPD
  • 747 Steel Stiffened Door HPD
  • 777E Trio-E Energy Efficient Steel Stiffened Door HPD
  • Attack Door HPD
  • E119 Fire Resistive Frame HPD
  • Mercury Thermal Break Frame HPD
  • Standard Hollow Metal Frame HPD